Withdrawing funds

1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and go to: https://portal.currencypay.com/login

2. Type in your login and password information and click green “Log In” button.

3. Click the “Withdrawals” button located on the left side in the menu options.

From this view, you can see the balance in your Merchant Account, Schedule Withdrawals, view when your next Withdrawal is set, and retrieve a list of all past Withdrawals.

Click “Schedule a Withdrawal” to begin the process to move funds into your Bank Account

Withdrawals are automatically defaulted to a daily 100% deposit of funds within to your business account.

4. Choose the desired amount and frequency to withdraw funds.

Money can be withdrawn on a recurring schedule, or by a onetime withdrawal. The amount can be in dollar or percentage amount.

Please advise that a request to withdraw 100% must be put in a “100.00” format.

You can also choose which account to have

Funds take 24-48hrs to process into your account. i.e Funds withdrawn on a Monday will be available Wednesday

Advanced Options will allow you to customize your withdrawals by giving it a name, setting a start date, float an amount, and skip holidays and weekends withdrawals

Click “Create Withdrawal” to confirm and set the schedule

5. To edit Withdrawals, click on the name of the desired schedule to change

6. From this section, you can change the frequency, type of withdrawal, and amount.

Click the checkbox in the right hand corner to confirm the changes.


Withdrawing Funds / YES

Withdrawing Funds / NO