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User Configuration

For creating users with full administrative access, skip to “Create Users”

1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and go to: https://portal.currencypay.com/login

2. Type in your login and password information and click green “Log In” button.

Creating User Templates (Needed for non-admin access)

3. Go to “Users” listed on the left-hand side of the main screen.

4. After clicking “Users” a drop down list will reveal a tab called “Access Templates”. Access Templates will allow you to make default _____for different types of users you plan to use.

(I.e, Members of the Sales Department will have a set template that will create a specific type of profile with its own restrictions on what they can and cannot view on your merchant account.)

5. Immediately after, you will be prompted to “Select a Role” from a drop down menu.

Select “Merchant” for more options to appear.

From these Options, you can create a role for a position in your business, and add or restrict what they are able to see, and do inside the portal. Multiple rolls can be made if necessary.

In the example below, the role of “Sales” is being made. From here, we can restrict the abilities and views to things only a member of the Sales department should see.

When desired options are choses, click save.

Creating Teams

1. Individual users can now be granted accounts with custom usernames and passwords. On the “User” page, click “Add User” to prompt the following option.

Be sure to use the proper “Role” to ensure the new user has the proper access.

Click “Add user” when finished

2. To edit roles based on the User, Click on the desired user in the “User” section to open details

3. To edit User information, click the icon next to “User”. User access and restrictions can also be edited from this page that will affect the user, but not the role

To view edited changes, click the button on the top right corner of the screen marked as “Login As”

4. Logging in as another user will not log off the other user if the portal is in use. To exit from this view, either click the “Log Off” in the top right corner of the screen

Creating Teams

Creating Teams will allow merchants to organize all users in specific categories. This is used for businesses with multiple departments or teams that require access to the platform.

1. Click “Teams” on the left hand side of the screen to access the Team creation page. Then click “AddTeam” in the top right corner to generate.

2. Choose the Desired name for the team click “Create”. The Team will then populate in the list of Teamsunderneath. Click on the name of the team to add or drop users.

3. Click on “Add Users” and select the desired members of the team.

4. Alerts to specific teams can also be made from this page


Users / YES

Users / NO