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Subscribing Customer to a plan

A subscription adds a customer to an existing payment plan. This allows that specific customer to be charged the same amount at the frequency that you set in the plan. If you do not subscribe customers, the plan will not have anyone to charge.

1. Click on “Customers” on the left hand toolbar

2. Select the customer you want to subscribe to the plan, or create the customer by clicking “Add Customer” in the top right corner

3. Find the customer you want to subscribe to the plan and click on them

4. Click on the Payment Methods tab, and make sure a credit card has been saved for this customer

  • If it hasn’t, simply click “Add Credit Card” and enter the card info to save it

5. Click on the “Recurring Billing” tab and click the “Add Recurring Billing” button and fill out the following fields

  • Set the date you want the subscription to start and end
  • Select which plan you want to subscribe them to
  • Select which credit card to charge on the “Payment Method” field and click ADD

Your customer will then be charged on the day you started the subscription for the amount you set in your plan.


Subscribing Customers to your Plan / YES

Subscribing Customers to your Plan / NO