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Quick Charge

1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and go to: https://portal.currencypay.com/login

2. Type in your login and password information and click green “Log In” button.

3. Make sure you are on your main “Dashboard” – click “Dashboard” in the far left corner to make sure.


4. Once you click “Dashboard” button described in the previous step, you will see “Quick Charge” box highlighted below.


5. To process credit or debit card transaction, simply input the dollar amount in the “AMOUNT” field highlighted yellow in the “Quick Charge” box and chose “Sale” in the second fieldhighlighted yellow. All other fields in the “Quick Charge” box are not required, but highly recommended.


6. Next, click “Process Payment” button located at the bottom of “Quick Charge” Box.


7. You will then see a window that will prompt you to enter customer’s card information. Click “Pay” button once all information is entered.


8. Once entered, you will see the following message confirming that the charge went through.


How to quick charge your customer / YES

How to quick charge your customer / NO