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Detailed Transaction Report

Fee Breakdown

Seeing what fees you paid per transaction is as easy as running a report.

1. Make sure you are logged into the CurrencyPay portal and click on “Reports” in the left hand toolbar, near the bottom

2. The report we want to run is a Transaction Details Report, which you will see in the middle of the page

3. Click on the “More Options” next to Transaction Details and change the following

  • Set the second drop down to Captured (this will eliminate failed transactions that no money was collected on
  • Set the date range to what you want, but note there is a 30 day limit

4. Click the Green Button to run the report

5. You will see a breakdown of the amount you charged your customers, the fees per transaction, and the net amount that you will receive per transaction.

  • You can click the “.XLS” button in the top right corner to download the report in an Excel format


Detailed Transaction Report / YES

Detailed Transaction Report / NO