Creating plans

Creating a “Plan” will allow you to charge customers for an item or service at regular intervals. You will be able to set how much the item/service costs, as well as how often to charge for it.

To create a plan to do the following:

1. Click the “+” next to “Recurring Payments” in the left hand toolbar and click on “Plans”

2. Click “Add Plan” in the top right corner

3. Fill out the following

    • Name for the plan
    • Amount you want to charge for the item/service
    • Set the frequency by using the “Plan Schedule” and “Interval” fields
    • For example, if the plan schedule is 1 and the interval is set to Months, the plan will charge once every month. If you set it to 2 and the interval to weeks, it would charge every two weeks.

4. Click “Add” to create the plan


Creating plans / YES

Creating plans / NO