Charging a specific customer

1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and go to:

2. Type in your login and password information and click green “Log In” button.

3. Go to “Customers” on the left hand side of the dashboard. Then click the name of the customer you would like to charge.

To view steps on how to create a customer profile, see section “Customers”

4. If not yet listed, create a payment method to charge the customer by clicking “Add Credit Card” or “Add Bank Account” if the customer would like to pay via Echeck.

Click “Charge Customer”

5. Choose the payment method to charge the customer and click “Continue”. Please advise if only one payment method is listed, the page will jump to the next step.

6. Input the “Amount” and “Transaction type”. The payment method chosen will already be listed.

With large dollar amount charges, we highly recommend inputing as much customer information possible to reduce the chances of disputes.

Click “Process Payment” to continue

7. When payment has been charged, you will be prompted with the following box. Your customer has now been charged.


Charging a specific customer / YES

Charging a specific customer / NO