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Batch Reconciliation

To reconcile your books you can look at every disbursement to your bank account in the “Withdrawals” section. This will show you what transactions are included in each disbursement, and what amount will be deposited into your bank account for these transactions after fees.

1. Make sure you are logged into the CurrencyPay portal and click on “Withdrawals” in the left hand toolbar, near the bottom

2. Scroll down to the “Withdrawal History” section and locate the disbursement you’d like

3. This will take you to the disbursement details tab where you will see the Totals, Sales, and Fees section

  • The Total section will include how many sales and fees made up this disbursement, and their total
  • The Sales tab will list each individual transaction and the amount you charged your customer
  • The Fees section will have a breakdown of what type of fee, how many of them, and their total amount

4. You can check the disbursement details against the Transaction Details Report explained in the prior section to verify what sales made up the disbursement


Batch Reconciliation / YES

Batch Reconciliation / NO