Happy Trailer Sales is one of the premier trailer dealers in the state of Texas. They’re a family-owned business with six locations. Ronnie, his father, and his brother-in-law run the company, and Ronnie says working with family is a blessing. They’ve Happy Trailer Sales has been in business five years and are rapidly expanding. Ronnie said, “We’ve offered financing since we opened, but over the years we saw a steady increase in credit declines. That’s when we decided to partner with Currency.”

Currency helps Happy Trailer Sales extend financing to more customers. “Salespeople love it because they can make more deals work,” continued Ronnie. Since partnering with Currency at the end of 2017, Ronnie says they’ve seen a significant increase in approvals and have funded over $1.8 million. “Currency is sensitive to our needs,” Ronnie went on to say, “and unlike previous lenders, Currency gave us a main point-of-contact, which has really strengthened the partnership. A few months back, Currency told us about their payment platform, CurrencyPay. We weren’t looking for a new platform, but were impressed with CurrencyPay so we switched.”

“We’re glad we did! We’re now making an incremental $84,000 a year after switching, which has reduced our credit card processing fees more than 70%,” said Ronnie. “Growing a small business isn’t easy. I can’t emphasize enough what saving over $80,000 does for our cash flow.” Happy Trailer Sales is so pleased with CurrencyPay that they’re implementing its ecommerce feature directly on their website.

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