The CurrencyPay platform was designed to offer simplicity and security on big purchases. Our goal is to make sure your customers always have the option to buy from your business.

Offer customers the option to buy from your business directly from your website with CurrencyPay's free eCommerce integration!
Easily collect payments on all your sales with CurrencyPay's easy to use POS system

Separate yourself from the competition and close those bigger sales with the assistance of CurrencyPay. No transaction is too large when your customers can pay through credit, debit, ACH, eCheck, or even point of sale financing.

If you’re a merchant trying to process bigger ticket transactions, then CurrencyPay is ideal for your payment processing needs. Learn more about how we process rebates HERE to see exactly how much you can save by switching to CurrencyPay.

With CurrencyPay mobile, your customers can use their phone to make a payment from anywhere at any time.

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