Who is Currency?

Currency is a platform that rapidly increases the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of your sales cycle. We provide a combined solution for every purchase type your customer chooses. Through our service your customer can choose to finance the sale or pay via credit/debit card or initiate an ACH.

What is CurrencyPay?

CurrencyPay is a transaction enablement platform that makes complex transactions radically simple. CurrencyPay will offer your customer to pay via credit/debit card, ACH, e-check or financing at point of sale to give full functionality to your client. You, as a merchant, can send out electronic invoices and let your customer pick the payment option that they like online: from their phone, laptop, and office computer or at your store.

What is CurrencyFinance?

CurrencyFinance is an automated underwriting and funding platform that will allow your customer to complete a credit application, pick desired terms and sign loan documents online. The entire process from starting an application and walking out with the piece of equipment of your desire takes less than 10 minutes.

How do I use both CurrencyFinance and CurrencyPay to customers’ benefit?

All payment option are combined into one, which allows your customer to have an innovative checkout experience: now your customer has the ability to pay via credit card for a portion of the sale and finance the rest in the same flow.

How do I use both CurrencyFinance and CurrencyPay to the benefit of my business?

We want to make sure that when you use Currency products to capture all of your sales it puts money back in your pocket. By combining CurrencyFinance and CurrencyPay we are taking traditional cost center of merchant processing and turning it into a profit center by letting you take a full advantage of Currency Rebates.

What is a Currency rebate system?

Currency rebate system is our way of offering you a path to 0% rate on all of your merchant processing. We combined your financing and processing volume to calculate cash reimbursement paid out monthly to offset your standard processing costs.

What are my standard processing costs?

Card processing is broken down into two basic categories: card present and card not present transactions. Card not present transaction happens anytime a card is not physically inputted in a terminal: e-commerce transactions, keyed transactions and over the phone transactions. Card non-present rate is a fixed cost of 3.49% + $0.30 per transaction. Card present transaction happens anytime a card is physically input in a terminal. Card present rate is a fixed cost of 2.49% + $0.30 per transaction. We offer a variety of terminals based on your needs and requirements.

Who do I call if I have a question?

You will have a designated Account Manager who will attend to all of your needs. In addition, all Account Managers are supported by our Payment Implementation team to answer more in-depth technical questions.

Where do I sign up?

You can start processing and financing with Currency products in as little as 4 hours after completing your application. Start your application here.