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What is a Mobile POS System?

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Published: 05/31/2019

In the digital era that we live in, Mobile Point of Sale systems are becoming increasingly popular. From shopping at regular retailer stores to street merchants at town fairs, you have most likely paid for a good or service through a mobile POS system before.

A Mobile Point of Sale system performs the same functions as a traditional cash register — except that it’s portable. An mPOS system can be plugged into a smartphone or touch-screen tablet’s audio jack or charging port.

Because a mobile POS system can run off of a smart or digital device connected to the internet, it opened up a world of opportunities for businesses — especially small businesses, street- vendors, and businesses that are typically on the move, such as food trucks.

An mPOS terminal allows you to run your business from anywhere in the world instead of being tethered to one location like a traditional cash register. This is huge for businesses that typically do not operate out of a brick and mortar store or companies that conduct most of their business on the road. For example, consider vendors who sell their goods at street fairs, farmers markets, or conferences, who more often than not, are traveling/off-site as they work. An mPOS system would be perfect for them since they might not always be near their store to process a sale via credit or debit card. Mobile POS systems allow these on-the-go businesses to process transactions no matter where they are.

If you are looking to compete in the modern business landscape, having an mPOS terminal is necessary as it makes any location a potential point of sale. It removes the geographic barriers that might limit your business and gives your company access to a broader pool of potential customers.

In addition, an mPOS system can provide your business with invaluable data. This can be game-changing for small businesses that typically do not have the resources to collect performance statistics as they work.

The software an mPOS system runs on can collect valuable information regarding your business that you can analyze and act on to improve your business operations and business efficiency. For instance, an mPOS terminal will collect data regarding your product inventory such as which item sold the most or least, what location resulted in the most sales, as well as customer data like email addresses. Having this data readily available allows businesses to easily analyze their sales performance in order to create targeted business strategies for the future.

These are metrics that small businesses typically do not have the ability to collect and organize because they might be short-staffed or lack the technological integration to track these data points effectively. A Mobile Point of Sale system, however, gives businesses the tools to track & analyze their performance metrics right off of their cell-phones or tablets.

How Does an mPOS System Work?

Mobile Point of Sale terminals typically plug directly into your smart-devices’ audio-jack or charging port, and operate off of their associated apple or android phone application. As a business, you could start accepting credit or debit card payments from smartphones or tablets, and all of the transaction data will automatically be stored in the mPOS system’s application. The analytics an mPOS system collects allows you to leverage your performance statistics to create strategic approaches to the way you do business.

From the customers’ perspective, completing a payment is as easy as swiping their credit or debit card through the mPOS terminal or inserting their card in a chip reader. mPOS terminals make the lives of businesses and consumers more efficient due to their simplistic user experience.

Why Should I Have a Mobile POS System?

mPOS terminals have innovated the way companies can do business — simply owning a smart-device is enough to start collecting payments. Mobile Point of Sale systems give your business the ability to collect payments at more locations while automatically collecting valuable sales data in the process. In the data-driven world that we live in, being able to easily analyze your business’s performance is essential to keep up with consumer expectations. Ultimately, having mPOS systems collecting and organizing your sales transaction information allows you to optimize your business operations and accelerate the growth of your company.

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